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Vertical Mixed-Flow Pump  TYPE : KKVM - series Vertical Mixed-Flow Pump TYPE : KKVM - series

Vertical Mixed-Flow Pump
Vertical Mixed-Flow Pump FEATURES

For underwater installation, it has vertical pipe casing, which was separated toward circumferential with the following features.

  1. Lesser friction damage because of suction pipe length is shorter.
  2. Minimized space and installation cost for its space is narrower.
  3. There is no uneasiness of touching water for the motor device is located at the top.
  4. Remote & automative operation is available for there is no vacuum device to operte. 
  1. Flood control and protection against heavy rain.
  2. sea water pumping and industrial water supply.
  3. Circulation of cooling water at power plant.
  4. Water level controller at dam.
  5. Agricutural irrigation.
  6. Water supply and sewer system.
The KKVM series pump is begin installed toward vertical direction and is divided into suction, guide casing, 90? discharge bent pipe & middle coumn pipe, motor plate. The impeller is a mixed flow type impeller, all the open type, tight lock type can be used according to tatal head, the main shaft is protected by shaft protective sleeve, and is being connected with the screw coupling or division coupling. The bearing iscomposed of roller bearing or ball bearing, which is supporting the total weight & shaft thrust power thus and so selected the best bearing, the middle bearing is also guaranteed no liling with a long life span bya selecting thodon bearing.