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general end suction gbs pumps

end suction gbsConstruction 

GBS are single stage bare shaft End Suction Pumps according to ISO 2858 and/or DIN 24255.

Salient Features

Pumps are non self priming. Horizontal centrifugal volute casing with axial suction and radial discharge ports. They have the back pull out design to enable user to remove motor, bearing bracket and Impeller for servicing without disturbing the volute casing and the suction and delivery pipes. Pumps are in the discharge range from 3 – 660 m3/hr with head range from 4-158. Metres and are available with gland as well as mechanical shaft seals. Impellers are dynamically balanced.


Volute casings are in Cast Iron of robust design to take undue stresses offered by pipe work. Standard flanges are PN16. Other standards available on request.


Shafts are available in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel. A Shaft sleeve in stainless steel is provided in the stuffing box to protect the shaft from wear and corrosion. As shaft and bearings are strong and properly sized the Pump can be driven by a belt drive or diesel engine without any problem.


These are enclosed impellers in Cast Iron and/or Bronze with extra smooth finish and dynamically balanced. All Impellers can be trimmed to adopt them to duty point required by users..


Water supply, Pressure Boosting, Fire protection, Cooling and Airconditioning, Irrigation including sprinkler and drip systems.