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Submersible Motor Pump  KKM - series Submersible Motor Pump KKM - series

KUMKANG , Submersible Motor Pump KKM - series Features
    1. Submersible mixed-flow KKM series is an excellent pump, which has large flux with low head efficiency.
    2. The motor pump is mixed with one shaft and a pump which has precise design with an interchangeable structure that is easy to access for maintenance.
    3. Especially, With the simplified pump installation space, the cost of pump construction site is diminished and no need for accessory facility.
    4. The flux is large one which is noiseless and easiness of installation to any places.
    5. Easy to replace with existing pump.
    1. Agricultural irrigation.
    2. Water supply and sewer system
    3. Flood control and protection against heavy rain.
    4. Circulation of cooling water at power plant.
    5. Sea water pumping and industrial water supply.
    6. Water level controller at dam.
Summary of Structure
    1. KKM series pump was designed and manufactured perpectly in he side of structures and efficiency.
    2. The flux is a large one but noiseless, especially, available for install at small space thus and so installation cost is diminished.
    3. The inlet of cable has been molded-in by triple sealing into one in order to shut off the inundation so was designed the structure
    4. The bearing was made of high - intensity ball bearing which is available for permanent lubrication and long life safe span.
    5. The motor is built in temperature control & current control type motor protective device, thus and so preventive of accident & damage caused by overload and can be able to continue high-effiency operation.
    6. The mechanical seal is able to guarantee a perfect sealing with duplicated structure of close adhesion, especially, a leakage sensor device is buit in the seal chamber so it can be proteced the damage of motor and extended its life span.
    7. The quality of pump impeller has been selected strong anti-corrosive BrC3 or SCS13,Bc6, etc. So that it is guaranteed.